Some Victories

  • Client accused of first degree murder with special circumstances. Client faced life without parole if convicted. Client gave confession and reenactment of the crime coerced by false promises of leniency by the police. Defense filed a motion to suppress the confession and went to trial on the case. Result: the confession suppressed and the case dismissed.
  • Client, a small business owner, was accused by Federal Prosecutors of defrauding the U.S. Government through its Subsidy Programs. After discussions and talks with the U.S. Attorney’s Office, the government declined to file charges.
  • Client, subject to the three strikes law and a state prison inmate, was accused of assault causing great bodily injury on a correctional officer while serving a sentence in a state prison. Client was charged along with seven other inmate defendants. Client faced a life sentence. Case went to jury trial and the client was the only defendant acquitted of all charges.
  • Client, a person who suffers from a mental disorder, was accused of attempted premeditated first degree murder. Case went to trial and the jury deadlocked on the attempted murder charge. The court declared a mistrial. See Article.
  • Client accused by his estranged daughter in law of molesting two of his grandchildren. Client faced a potential life in prison sentence. After diligent investigation into the case, and Defense motion to dismiss filed before trial, the court dismissed the charges based on due process violations by law enforcement.
  • Client, a small business owner, was accused in a civil case of discrimination by a disgruntled employee who had been fired after a physical altercation. Case was dismissed before trial through summary judgment motion after the evidence failed to support the unfounded claims.
  • Client accused of first degree murder. Victim was found stabbed to death in client’s residence. Client, who suffered mental health issues, was interviewed and police coerced a confession. After exhaustive investigation and negotiations with the prosecution, the confession was deemed a false confession, the charges were dropped by the prosecution and the case was dismissed.
  • Client accused of multi-million dollar scheme to defraud the U.S. Government through the Department of Defense procurement system. After extensive investigation and preparation for trial (over 80,000 documents reviewed) and negotiations with the United States Attorney’s Office, a plea agreement was reached. Client plead to reduced charges with a restitution of only six thousand dollars and client was granted probation.
  • Client was accused of multi-ton drug trafficking operation in LA and Chicago. Law enforcement overstepped constitutional protections during the investigation. The prosecutor, unwilling to settle, sought term of life imprisonment. After extensive motion work and investigation in the case, client plead to the court. Court sentenced client only to the mandatory minimum under the statute.
  • Client, in his forties, was accused of forcible rape and oral copulation by a 21 year old woman. Throughout the process, client maintained his innocence and that the sex acts were consensual. The case went to jury trial and client was acquitted of all charges.
  • Client, a small business owner, was accused by the U.S. Government of employee immigration laws violations and tax fraud. After successful negotiations, the U.S. Attorneys Office agreed not to file charges so long as client complied with the applicable laws.
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